Parenting Great Kids

Parents are trying to navigate children through a world they themselves don’t often understand. That is why I created the Parenting Great Kids podcast, to help moms and dads just like you simplify what can often feel daunting.

I tackle a wide variety of relevant topics, answer your real questions and share YOUR stories and concerns. Expect honest and integral conversations with a variety of wonderful guests.

See why parents across the country are receiving real
answers and simple hope.

I ended the episode with tears in my eyes.

“I’ve heard Dr. Meg Meeker speak in person before so I gave this podcast a shot on my drive in to work. I thought I might learn something about my kids, or possibly about being a better Dad. This thing drew me in with a warm, compassionate wisdom, and pacing that kept things moving and never dwelled on any one thing too long. It also knocked me sideways to hear the story about the filmmaker and his 2 kids. I ended the episode with tears in my eyes. Yep, I’m now a fan. Thanks Dr. Meg!” – Kyle

Memorable and helpful insight.

“I saw the graphic and thought, she’s such a good speaker and I could possibly learn something about being a better Dad while I’m on my way into the office. What I did not expect was to walk away with some memorable and helpful insight right off. It’s made in such a way that each segment is engaging and memorable and never lasts long enough to outstay its welcome. And the story they highlight about the filmmaker and his sons, tear-jerker. So good!” – Dave

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“We cannot express how much Meg has helped us navigate raising our 10 and 12 year olds. Her sweet personality is so warm and personal. She has wonderful guest speakers as well. I could go on and on if you are raising kids- SUBSCRIBE to this podcast. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Meg. – Misty

Great kids are raised, not born.

Whether you’re on your way to work or cooking dinner, tune in today and begin parenting GREAT kids.

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